Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Chocolate Procedure

Ingredients: Chocolate Buttons and Boiling Water
Utensils:  Pot, Spoon, Butter Knife, Plate, Kettle and Chocolate Molds.
1.Boil the water in the kettle  and wait for it to be done.
2.Pour the Boiling Water  into the Pot.
3. Put the Plate on top of the Pot.
4. Put Chocolate Buttons on top of the Plate.
5. Stir the Chocolate Buttons with a Spoon and a Butter Knife.
6. Keep on Stirring till its welled Stirred.
7. Pour all of your Chocolate into The Chocolate Molds.
8. Put the Chocolate Molds into the Fridge over night.
9. Tip them on to the Plate and then you can cover them with Aluminum Foil If you want.

This is my Chocolate Easter Procedure. Today we made Chocolate Easter Eggs. It was fun making Chocolate Easter Eggs. The Chocolate Smelled really nice before we put it in the Fridge. 


This is my Investigation on Foods,Games and Sports. There can be Spicy food or Sweet or Even Sour. There are Video Games PlayStation Games and also Xbox Games.

Monday, 21 March 2016

How to Make Crystals

How to Make Crystals Google Presentation.We had to leave it for a few days so it can Grow. Ther are all kinds of Crystals. We Made Sugar Crystals.

All About Crystals

This is my All about Crystals Google Drawing. Crystals are special Kind of Materials where the Molecules fit together in a Repeating pattern. There are all kinds of Shapes of Crystals.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Transum Basic Addition

Today  I went on transum and Played Basic Addition. I knew all of my Facts next time I need to go on two Stages higher. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Free Rice Test

I donated 1370 Grains of  Rice. I played this Game I donated 1370 Grains of rice to Poor People.

5 Senses Pepper

This the Experiment I did on Water and Pepper. We found out that the pepper could Float and Sink.

5 Senses Water

This is my 5 Senses Water and Pepper Experiment. Me and my Group Saw, Heard,Taste,Smell and Feel. We didn't do the Taste Column because in Science Chemistry you are not suppose to put anything in our Mouth.

5 Senses of Milk

Th is my 5 Senses of Milk Experiment. Me and My Group did the Experiment Yesterday it was lots of fun. The Dish washing liquid broke the Surface Tension.

Science Planning House Milk Experiment

This is my Science Planning House me and my group did the Milk Experiment. We had to drop four Food Colouring on top of the Milk.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Science Planning House

This is my Science Planning House. We did an Experiment and we are writing about what happened.

Narrative Story

                           Haunted House
Haunted House There was a girl named Kayla and her best friend was Amber. One afternoon Amber came to Kayla's House. Kayla said to her Mum that they were going on a walk. Her Mum said “Come back in 30 minutes”. “Ok” said Kayla. Kayla and Amber went for a walk in the alley way. Then they kept going until Kayla started to notice that they were somewhere they didn't even know. They came to two signs that said woods and river. Kayla and Amber choose to go down the wood's direction. They walked and walked until they saw a Haunted House. Kayla and Amber got closer to the house and saw a sign say that said do not enter. Kayla knocked and knocked but nobody opened the door. Kayla decided they should go in. Amber said “We should not go in because it says that”. Kayla said “There's probably nobody in the house”. “Lets check it out”. “Ok” said Amber. They went inside, they walked closely to each other. They walked and walked, then all of a sudden Amber started to notice that they were going in circles. Kayla and Amber tried to find their way back. They kept walking until a clown popped into her face. The clown laughed while Kayla and Amber were trying to find their way out of this creepy house. They kept running, then another clown popped up and laughed. “Ha, ha, ha” screamed the clown. The clown said “You can't run away from us”. Amber was scared of clowns. Kayla said “Come on, we can get out of here”. They stopped to take a rest and then Amber noticed that they were close to the door. Finally they found the door with a sign on that said “Never come back here again”.The Clowns owned the Haunted House. They were Brothers. Kayla and Amber ran fast like a Cheetah . When they arrived back their faces were pale white. Their Mum said why did you two take so long. Kayla explained the whole story to her mum. Her Mum said ok that explains why you two have took long.
This is my Narrative Story about the Haunted House. I  put every thing in a Narrative you Needed. 

Comparing the Wolfs from The Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs

Today we are comparing the Wolfs and The Three Little Pigs and Little Red  Riding Hood. For the Similarities Both of the Wolfs wanted to eat someone or somebody in the Stories. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Prototec Maths

Today I sat the Prototec Maths Test. I got my Addition up to 20 right. I also got my Subtraction to 20 right. I need to work on my Division,1000 and my Times Tables Facts.

XtraMaths Results

This is my XtraMaths Results. I need to work on the 7,8 and 9 + Facts.