Sunday, 30 October 2016


This is my Inquiry Must do for this week. I liked writing the I see's, I think, and I wonder it was fun and very easy. I liked know the Type's of Migration.

The Haunted House - Editing

The Haunted House

On a Cold Stiff Night at 6:00 the sun visited her friend’s House. Kaitlyn’s Friend’s said,  Do you guys wanna check out the Haunted House. Kaitlyn  said no way,that place is too Scary. Kaitlyn ’s friends said come on Kaitlyn .

Kaitlyn said fine but I'm not going Going Alone. They told their Moons, That they would come back in 40 Minutes. And then they all went into the Wood’s. They saw a Sign say River’s and Haunted House. They took the Haunted house way.There was a sign on the Door, That said do not enter but they did. They were all walking until a Scary Clown, popped and they all Screamed ahhhh.

They saw Lightning and Storms Everywhere. Kaitlyn’s friend’s,were scared like a bat running from a predator.They kept on walking  and then they found a room, that said do not enter.They entered and then they turned the light on,  And saw that the room was full of clown’s and Games that were Extinct .  “Bang” a Clown box fall down.

Some of them were popping up “boom” and the other’s had a button, to press and then it would Laugh. Kaitlyn and her friends ran  quickly like a Cheetah and got out of the Haunted house and out of nowhere a clown Popped up laughing at them.They got out of the Haunted house, and saw a sign in the Wood’s that said keep out. The animal’s  got so scared that they ran  home.

Friday, 28 October 2016

General Knowledge USA Can do/Must do

This my Must do for this Week. It was a Can do but Mr Wong and Mr Ogilvie was busy with tests so our Must do is a Can do. I did my own kind of General knowledge. It was fun creating it.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Table Conga Transum

This is my Maths Can do Table Conga. I played table conga on Transum it was easy. It was 8 + 8 and 8. It was Addition it was also fun playing Table Conga.

Blog Comment

This is my Blog Comment for Magenta's Blog.We worked on the Same Presentation it was Fun working With her.

Maths 3 & 4

L.I.To comprehend World Problem's
L.I. To Choose "the best"strategy to solve the Problem
This is my Must do for This Week I worked with Magenta Slide 1 is my Question and Slide 2 is Magenta's Question. Taupo Group has to Solve the 2 Question's it is very easy and Fun. Me and Magenta thought of the Question's.

Monday, 24 October 2016

How do Thing's Fly?

This is my Must do for this Week I am in Mr Wong's Group for Inquiry.I worked with Vahoi,Hajera, and Nyjah on How do Thing's Fly?.It was easy to find Information it is fun to work on Flight.

The Haunted House

L.I: to use a variety of simple, compound, and complex sentences. S.C: I can use a minimum of five simple sentences, 3 compound and 4 complex sentences
This is my Must do T4W2 Mr Wong said we had to edit our Writing into Simple,Complex and Compound Sentence's. The Yellow stand's for Simple Sentence's,The Green Stands's for Compound and the Purple stand's for Complex Sentence's. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Strategy Place Mat

This is my Maths Must do for this Week.Mr Ogilvie gave me and group Taupo 4 Question's to answer.I answered all of them for this Week.It was fun to do Maths.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Blog Comment's - 2

This is my Blog Commenting I did them on the 13 &14 of October but I forgot to Publish the Comment's on my is fun reading People's Blog Post's in my Classroom.

Maths - Can do's

 This is is my Maths Can do's I did.I had fun doing this I learnt new thing's about Maths. Practising my Time Table's was fun.

Blog Comment

This Week Mr Wong added a Column for the Blog Comment's.I decided to do it on Angari's,Nyjah'sand Hajera's Blog .I enjoyed Reading their Blog Post about What they did.


This is my Reading Presentation for this Week. I answered the Questions and the Character Trait Summary Frame Mr Ogilvie Gave me and Taupo Group.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Xtra Maths -Can do

This is my Other Can do for this Week.I got all of the Equation's Right except the three I got wrong because my Hand Slipt.

Transum Table Conga

This is my Can do for this Week I have finished my Addition's 7. It is fun learning what after 7.Here's a link if you wanna know all your Addition.


This is my Inquiry Must do for this Week.I am in Mr Wong's Group for Inquiry this Term. Mr Wong's whole group got a Piece of Paper and had to experiment if a flat sheet of paper goes down faster or a Scrunched up piece of paper.And the Scrunched piece of paper Won. We also had to Answer some question's about Flight. Hajera,Avalon,and me Worked on this.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Haunted House - Editing into Paragraph's

L.I: to write narrative paragraphs using Topic sentence, Details, Concluding sentence.Today for Writing Mr Wong's Group's worked with Mrs McClain because He's not here. Tika Maui worked on Narrative Paragraph's We had to rewrite our Story from Week 9 Term 3 into paragraphs using a topic sentence, details and concluding sentence.We had to take a Screenshot before we edited our Writing and After.

Comprehension Question's

LI- To use QAR to help answer comprehension questions
Today I Had to read and Answer the Question' s.
I had to read what kind of Question it is.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Strategy Place Mat

This is my Strategy Place Mat I did on two Strategy's I found. I fiqured the Answer's by Using a strategy I know.