Friday, 23 September 2016

Haunted House

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The Haunted House
On a Cold Stiff Night at 6:00 Kaitlyn visited her friend’s House. Kaitlyn’s Friend’s said  do you guys wanna check out the Haunted House. Kaitlyn said no way that place is too Scary. Kaitlyn ’s friends said come on Kaitlyn .

Kaitlyn said fine but I'm not going Going Alone. They told their Mum’s that they come back in 40 Minutes. And then they all went into the Wood’s. They saw a Sign say River’s and Haunted House. They took the Haunted house way.There was a sign on the Door that said do not enter but they did. They were all walking until a Scary Clown popped and they all Screamed ahhhh.

They saw Bugs and Mosquitoes Everywhere. Kaitlyn’s friend’s did not like the Place.They kept on walking and then they found a room that said do not enter.They entered and then they turned the light on  and saw that the room was full of clown’s and Games that were Extinct .

Some of them were popping up and the other’s had a button to press and then it would Laugh. Kaitlyn and her friend’s quickly got out of the Haunted house and popped out a clown Laughing at them.They got out of the Haunted house and saw a sign in the Wood’s that said keep out.They all got so scared that they ran  home.

This week for Writing in Tika Maui we had to write a a Narrative.The prompt that I chose was Haunted House. It was fun writing.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Today I have done Maths Can do's It was fun doing it and Very easy I think I need more harder One's for Xtra Maths.

Can do - Transum Table Conga

This is my Can do for this Week I played Table Conga on Transum I played the 5 Time's Table's.It was really Easy and Fun to do. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dragon's Egg - Mum & Nick

This is my ReadingWork for This Week. Maungawhau group Read Dragon's egg.This is what we had to do for our Must Do. Thi swas fun and Easy.

Lisa Carrington Rio 2016

This is my Inquiry Work for this week.I chose Lisa Carrington from NZ.She is a Flat water Canoer from New Zealand She won a gold Medal and a Bronze.

Math's Method's

This is my Must do for this Week. I worked on Algorithm Method with Taupo,  Wakatipu and Wanaka chose Korean and Japanese Method's. All of these Method's were hard at the Beginning and then I got the Hang of it. It is also a easy and fun way to solve Problem's.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Dragon's Egg - Nazanin

L.I. To Comprehend/Inference Information in a Text This Weeks Book I had to Read was Dragon's Egg I am in Mr Ogilvie's Group. I had to do a Character Inference Chart and Answer Question's about the Book. I have finished all Question's they were really Easy.

How to Make a Poi - Nazanin

This Week's for Writing Mr Wong's Group Wrote a Procedural Text of How to Make a Poi.For our Lesson we Watched a Video of How to make a Poi. In group's we took Notes about Materials we needed,Steps and Keywords.

Monday, 12 September 2016

XtraMaths Result's 2016

This is my XtraMaths  Result's For 2016. I am on Addition All the Maths Equation's are Easy For me but on some of them my Hands hit the Wrong Number. I got 49 Smiley Faces,4 Ticks, and I wrong. I think next I need to make sure I get all of Ticks and Wrong's a Smiley Face and then I would be on Subtraction.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Procedural Text

This is my Writing Must Do for this Week I am in Mr Ogilvie's. I am in Tika  Maui Group we had to write about all the Verb's in a Video we watched Call How to make a Ham and Cheese Sandwhich. Chavda and I worked on this.

Addition and Subtraction

L.I. Applying our Knowledge and strategy tool kit to real world Problem's.
This is my Maths Must do for This week I am in Mr Ogilvie's Group. It was easy I worked With Brianna and Magenta. It was also fun to do.

Character Inference Chart - Kristina

This is my Reading Must Do For this Week I have done this it is really easy to Inference.
L.I. To comprehend/Inference information in a text. I am in Mr Ogilvie's Group I have also don one on Fiti - Rugby with a Jandal

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Character Inference Chart - Fiti

 L.I. To Comprehend/Inference information in a text.
This is my Reading Must do for this week I am in Mr Ogilvie's. I found gathering the text into 4 Section's Fact's ,Quote's,Action's, and Getting inside his head Hard.But  I just read the Book and put in the Information and then It was easy.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Story Cubes

Story Cube ‘s
There was an Alien who ate a Fish ate a Poison apple after got trampled by a sheep an arrow hit the Sheep and  a Mysterious person was crossing the Bridge saw a turtle and a Sad Moon.

This is my Story I made with the Story Cube's it was fun to make a Story.


This is my Inquiry Must Do for This week I have done this with Hajera and Charlize we were in Mr Wong's group for Inquiry. It was fun and easy learning about Athlete's Diet's.

Addition and Subtraction of Large Number's

This is my Maths Must Do for this Week.I went on Study ladder and did my Addition and Subtraction of Large Number's I got some Correct and some of them Wrong.But I will try Harder Next Time.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Can do - Story Starter's

This is my Can do I have done this on Story Starter's were you get a Sentence. And you have to write about it to the  person.

Writing DLo

This is my Writing Must do  I have done With Mr Wong Today. We had to draw Two Different Pictures. It was fun but also kind of Hard.